30 Stunning DIY Dollhouse Projects You Have To Try!

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30 absolutely gorgeous DIY dollhouse projects you’ll want to make instantly! Lots of budget-friendly options – and some with no woodworking!

Okay, confession time . . . I really like dollhouses. They’re tiny, adorable . . . and often times more well-decorated than the real thing! (In our case, definitely better decorated. Furniture is expensive.)

Now, as a respectable adult under the age of 50 and with no kids, I don’t have any dollhouses. Well, other than the massive one I refurbed as an advent calendar – but that’s being rehomed post-December.

However, a deeply exciting thing has occurred! A couple of our friends have a baby girl on the way . . . so naturally that’s justification for me to build a DIY dollhouse. You probably realized this from my various compilation posts, but I love to research different ideas before I tackle a new project. So let’s take a peek at 30 of the internet’s finest DIY dollhouses – then get to making!

1. This Youtuber Creates Dreamy Miniature Scenes By Hand

Okay, yes, I know we’re starting with a real challenge here. But just at how beautiful this mini flower shop is! I’m definitely going to try recreating this for myself – admittedly, it might be wasted on a toddler.

2. Try This Budget Friendly Way To Upcycle An Old Storage Unit Into A DIY Barbie Dollhouse


Number two on this list is definitely more child-friendly. I love the modern and genuinely stylish furnishings for this dollhouse – it’s such a clever way to repurpose the cube storage units that we pretty much all have!

3. Are You Handy With Tools? Create This Dream Dollhouse!

If you’re skilled with tools, this DIY dollhouse can be made for under $50 – and it looks utterly fabulous! The garden detailing especially caught my eye. I love the idea of maybe incorporating little live plants or succulents into a dollhouse as a way to introduce kids to gardening.

4. Try Crafting This Farmhouse Chic Playhouse

diy farmhouse style dollhouse free plans

I’ll be honest with you guys – sometimes when I see a DIY, I’m utterly shook because it looks so storebought! This is most definitely one of those times.

Farmhouse chic doesn’t seem to have made its way to Australia quite yet, but I’m an avid fan of the trend.

5. Short On Space? Create This Foldaway Dollhouse

Make a Fold-Away Dollhouse

Our next option is perfect for fellow apartment dwellers, as it can easily be packed up and is very space-efficient. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to recreate! This is definitely a great option for the beginner DIY-er.

6. Got Cardboard Packaging Lying Around? Repurpose Them Into DIY Brownstone Terrace Houses!

I’m forever looking for creative ways to repurpose cardboard packaging – and these brownstone terraces are utterly adorable! You could easily paint them to fit your playroom’s decor – I’d definitely give them a bit of a vintage vibe!

7. Convert Drawer Organisers Into These Super Cute DIY Dollhouses!

Use a drawer organizer to create this kids' craft that they just love! Make mini furniture and appliances to decorate your home, along with wall paper as well! Create a shrink art magnetic doll to move around in your mini dollhouse! #dollhouse #minidollhouse #magnets #magnetistm #STEM #STEAM #scienceproject #minidollhouse #kidscraft #craftforkids #dollhousecraft #holidaygift #christmasgift #minatures #minaturesforkids #craftskidslove

Another wonderfully affordable DIY option, this tutorial explains how to convert drawer organizers into adorable toys.

8. Thrift Flip An OLd Dresser Into A Quirky Dollhouse

green dresser with dollhouse inside

Let me tell you – I am obsessed with this idea! You easily thrift a free dresser from Facebook Marketplace and rework it into an utterly adorable dollhouse. Plus, the top drawers can still function as storage! Perfect for houses where you might not have a separate playroom.

9. Use Modge Podge To Create A Personalised Dollhouse


Modge Podge is a crafter’s best friend – and this stunning DIY dollhouse makeover just goes to show why!

10. Recycle Crates Into A Cute Little Dollshouse

How to make a dollhouse with crates at Refresh Restyle

What a quirky idea! One of the things I absolutely loved about researching this post was finding all the unique and innovative ways people have recycled old items (or, at times, literal trash) into something wonderful.

11. A Lick Of Paint Can Turn Any Thrift Find Into A Chic Dollhouse

DIY Dollhouse Before-and-after - Farmhouse Playhouse Makeover #dollhouse #DIY #beforeandafter

You’d be shocked at how this looked pre-makeover!

12. DIY Barbie Dollhouse

Um, this dollhouse is literally better decorated than my actual home? Would somebody like to shrink me so that I could live inside here?

13. You Guys Will NOT Believe That This Decadent DIY Dollhouse Is Made From Cardboard

Look, this is one where you simply have to watch the video. I have no idea how it’s possible that someone has created this. The talent is insane – and the steps are surprisingly simple to recreate.

14. Fancy A Real Project? Follow This Step-By-Step To Create A Miniature Dollhouse

Okay, I know. You’re probably not going to make this one for your 5-year-old. But, if all this dollhouse talk has got you itching to make one for yourself, I think this is a great option!

15. This Cardboard Dollhouse is A Great Way To Repurpose Christmas Packaging

16. Want Something A Little More Quirky?

I’ve always loved vintage, witchy creations! As a child, I would’ve been obsessed with a little dollhouse like this. Plus, it’s a super cheap craft as the IKEA greenhouse used comes in at under $20.

17. Another Fun Way To Hack Cube Shelving Into A DIY Dollhouse

18. Want to Create A MOdern Dollhouse? Try This Craft!

This is serving me all the minimal Pinterest home decor vibes.

19. Paint A Plain Wooden Dollhouse To Give It Some Whimsy!

Okay, fine, yes – this is a cheeky self-promotion. On my old blog, I painted a massive wooden dollhouse to use as an advent calendar. And it turned out incredibly cute! You could easily do the same – minus the Christmassy decor.

I’m 100% going to recreate this with a smaller dollhouse and list it on Etsy! (With a tutorial for you lovely humans too, of course.)

20. Have You Got A Spare Shoebox Lying Around? Convert It Into A DIY Mini Dollhouse!

Utterly adorable.

21. Another Quirky Bookshelf Upcycle!

I’m living for the gorgeous wallpaper that’s been used in this dollhouse!

22. Give An Old Dollhouse A Scandi Makeover

Scandi summer house style doll house makeover. Photos by Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout. Photo: Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout

I love the openness of this next addition to our list!

23. This Next DIY Dollhouse Is A Vintage Dream!

Oh sweet Jesus, I totally want to try this! Maybe I need more friends with kids – I want to make all the DIY toys.

24. Hack The IKEA BILLY Shelf Into This Chic Minimal Dollhouse


Again, does someone want to invent shrinking technology? Because I’d happily be zapped down to size and live inside this adorable little creation!

25. The Ever Co Shares Free Plans (And Fun Decor Ideas) For Their Handmade Wooden Dollhouse


For fellow boho home decor lovers, this dollhouse might fit into your decoration scheme perfectly!

26. Got Some Spare Cardboard? DIY This Minimal Playhouse

Cardboard Box Craft - DIY Dollhouse

So cute!

27. Rework An Old Bookshelf Into The perfect Barbie Dreamhouse

Turn an IKEA Billy Bookcase into a charming dollhouse with plexiglass windows, adorable window boxes, and a repurposed jewelry box chest front door.

You’ve got to love a good old fashioned IKEA hack – especially when it’s as well-executed as this one!

28. We *Really* Love IKEA Hacks Here! Convert The Flisat Dollhouse Into Something Stunning

IKEA Flisat dolls house hack makeover. How to transform a budget dolls house into a stylish toy for your child with this simple easy ikea hack upcycle. Perfect for playrooms and a kids bedroom, I made this from things I had lying around the house and its made the perfect Christmas present.

And another IKEA hack – this time for the inside decoration ideas!

29. Fancy Woodworking? Try Building This Gorgeous DIY DOLLHOUSE (Free Plans!)

If you’re talented with tools, this stunning DIY dollhouse can be created from scratch! There’s a wonderful follow-up post they wrote to share how it was decorated too. Definitely worth the read.

30. Marie Claire Have Shared The Vibiest Retro Dollhouse…That’s Been Converted From A Wardrobe!

How To Make A Reclaimed Dollhouse

And last, but certainly not least, is this stylish vintage dollhouse idea. This is totally how I would decorate a dollhouse – I’m living for the darker colour scheme!

Alright, my friends, we shall end at the end! I hope you enjoyed this roundup of 30 DIY dollhouse ideas – I certainly feel inspired by them. Would you recreate any of these yourself? Which is your favorite? Let me know your thoughts down below.

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